Emission Control and Air Pollution Module

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Problem Statement

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency conducts a research in which state officials want to find the type(s) of vehicle emissions testing in your community, the test procedures and results, what can you do if your car just failed an emissions test, and what the level of air pollution is in your community due to vehicle emissions.

You (at Davea) are asked to collaborate with other High School classes in DuPage County as well as with other individuals in your community to identify the current status of vehicle emissions testing in DuPage County, to analyze some results of emissions testing, and to predict the levels of air pollution in your county due to vehicle emissions.

   Day 1: (It can be extended throughout the module): Introduction to this module 

  Day 2a: Activities that can help me learn more about air pollution and the impact of vehicle emissions in our county
  Day 2b: Automobile Emissions: An Overview with some useful information about the sources of auto emissions, and the combustion process.

  Days 3 and 4: Exhaust Emission Test Report (for Davea students) Here are some guidelines about how to prepare a report for an exhaust emission test. This report has to be prepared by the Davea students and sent through e-mail to the students of the high-schools which collaborate with Davea on this project.
   Days 3 and 4: Analyze the Data The high school students receive the data of various emission tests performed by the Davea students, and they analyze the results. Then they send back their analysis to Davea students; both groups get together to complete their report to be handed to Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

  Day 5a: How Can I Pass my Emissions Test?  his contains USEFUL INFORMATION about vehicle emission testing in Illinois, and what you can do to make sure you can pass your emission test!
  Day 5b: Final Evaluation and Extension Activities