Emission Control and Air Pollution Module

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Lesson Structure and Evaluation

for Davea Career center Instructors

Job Title: Bear 400 emission test service person

Competency Title: Perform and analyze a 4 gas exhaust emission test using the bear 400 workstation/ Bar 90 code

Instructor will:
Provide hands on instruction in the use of the bear 400 workstation integrating math skills of graph interpretation & number ranges from sample and live vehicle data in exhaust emission testing.
Lecture on the adverse effects auto produced pollutants have on the environment.

Student will
Produce 4 gas emission test results for test vehicle
Compare to federal exhaust specifications (HC & CO)
Read graphs & calculate results.

TM 1210 Service tool handout
TM1201 worksheet
TM1210 Diagnostic handout
bear 400 workstation
vehicle to test

  1. TM 1210 Service tool resource handout
  2. TM 1210 Diagnostic tool resource
  3. Instructor lecture/Demo

Learning Activities:

  1. Obtain Manual and test equipment from the service manager and your instructor. General hand tools are to be supplied by you!!
  2. Read TM 1210 handouts
  3. perform test
  4. complete worksheet TM 1210
  5. Compare results to EPA specifications
  6. See instructor if repair is indicated.

Evaluation: To master this goal you must successfully use the bear 400 workstation to diagnose exhaust emissions for a specific vehicle, indicate if it is within repairs as indicated by your instructor.

Scoring: Worksheet to be assessed at an 80% competency, vehicle service/Repair to be within manufacturers and EOA (Environmental Protection Agency) specification limits.

Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2