Emission Control and Air Pollution Module

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Lesson Extension

• Encourage your students to write, produce, and direct a special segment for a TV "environmental special" on the effect of vehicle emissions in your community. They cab contact a local television station to ask about the sources they get their information about environmental issues such as yours..

Role playing. Each of your students takes the role of an "interested party" (for example, a fish, bird, coal miner, factory owner, smokestack, fisherman, farmer, stream, lake, tree, or forester) in a group discussion on air pollution. They can talk about the effects air pollution has on their character and then present arguments for or against laws to control air pollution

Organize a "conference" in which your students present the reports, projects and so forth of the activities they did. They may want to invite also their parents and technical experts in your community. At the conference, both students from Davea and the collaborating schools at DuPage County should present their own perspectives, ideas and opinions about the vehicle testing procedures in Illinois. As a final product of the conference they can write a brief letter to the governor and the legislature to describe what they have learned in this project, and to present their suggestions for possible changes in the regulations.

• Collaborate with them to publish their results, experiences etc. on the Internet.