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Title Brief Description Category Date
Find Sin, Cos, Tan, Cosec, Sec, and Cotan for any angle on the unit circle. Geometry 6/18/2014
Shoot random points at a circle to approximate the value of Pi. Geometry 6/16/2014
Draw a polygon and then count the sum of its angles. Geometry 6/4/2014
Applet that demonstrates foldings a piece of paper into a cylinder. Geometry 4/3/2009
A collection of Java Sketches created in Geometer's Sketchpad and saved as Java Applets Geometry 2/26/2007
Graph points in the plane Geometry 11/1/2005
Fold this piece of paper into a three dimensional pyramid. Geometry 7/29/2004
Graph a wide range of functions in 3 dimensions. (requires Java3D download) Geometry 6/17/2004
Create shapes with a virtual Geoboard. Geometry 9/21/2003
Explore the Pythagorean Theorem through regular polygons and circles on the sides of a right triangle. Geometry 9/18/2003
Learn about inscribing a regular polygon in a circle. Geometry 2/26/2002
Learn about the relationship between a polygon's inner angle and its number of sides. Geometry 11/29/2001
Produce up to 500 non-trivial Pythagorean Triples. Geometry 10/22/2001
Fold this piece of paper into a three dimensional box. Geometry 8/3/2001
Illustrates the effect of a given matrix on the unit circle. Geometry 3/5/2001
Approximate the surface area for the Earth if its radius changed. Geometry 8/20/2000
Fill a rectangular box with cubes. Geometry 4/20/2000
Approximate the area of a circle using a grid. Geometry 4/1/2000
Play with the perimeter of boxes. Geometry 3/27/2000
Explore triangles using Java Sketchpad Geometry 1/17/2000
View Autocad files made by TCD students. Geometry 12/7/1999
Dazzle your students with this so-cool animated introductory exercise Geometry 10/22/1996
A Java-based, online version of the Elements Geometry 4/7/1996


Title Brief Description Category Date
A lesson to accompany the "Folding a Rectangular Prism" applet Geometry
Roll dice and see the relationship between sides of a triangle. Geometry
This tool seems very effective for teaching Geometry at remotely located students. Geometry
Geometrically show the differences between 2 squares. a*a -b*b=(a-b)(a-b)*(a+b)(a+b) Geometry
An Introductory Project in Trigonometry using The Geometer's Sketchpad Geometry
This lesson deals with proportions, right triangles and the geometric mean Geometry
This page offers a Java Program to Generate Pythagorean Triples. Geometry
This activity includes an Excel file and a Java fileto experiment with interactive triangles. Geometry
This lesson/unit allows an exploration into the ratio that designates a cancerous cell. Geometry
Unit designed to teach surface area and volume Geometry
A lesson that uses many options for studying tesselations Geometry
A Fractals Lesson for Elementary and Middle School Students Geometry
Find the temperature at a particularpoint of a rectangular plate using statistical methods. Geometry
Learn all about fractals. Geometry
Enjoyable activities involving geometric transformations and image distortion. Geometry
Illustrates the intuitive notion of the tangent plane to a graph of a function of two variables. Geometry
Supplementary material to help students with their first encounter with vectors. Geometry

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