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MSTE Mini-Resources are activities and tools for teachers and students to explore a single topic and help supplement math and science curriculum.

Title Brief Description Date
Acid Rain and Statistics A two day unit plan that incorporates decision-making ideas from statistics into the science classroom. 10/21/1997
Are Geometric Means Really Nice? This lesson deals with proportions, right triangles and the geometric mean 3/22/1999
Balance Find shape weights using a balance. 9/21/2003
Best Fit Generate the best fit of a line. 6/10/2014
Body Mass Index Tutorial A javascript applet for calculating BMI. 5/18/2000
Box Perimeter Play with the perimeter of boxes. 3/27/2000
Buffon's Needle Estimate Pi by calculating the geometrical probability of a needle landing on a line. 5/28/2014
Cancer and Mathematics This lesson/unit allows an exploration into the ratio that designates a cancerous cell. 12/22/1998
Cereal Box Problem Explore the randomness of finding a prize. 6/1/2010
Chi-Square Understand statistical terms such as expectation, significance, and chi-square 4/5/1996
Chi-Squared Analysis of Marbles Find the Chi-squared value of drawing a number of random marbles. 12/8/1999
Cliff Hanger Ask Nick to take a random step while he braves the edge of a cliff. 11/3/2005
Coin Tossing Game Learn about probability and hidden states with the MiSTEam 11/14/2005
Descriptive Statistics Introduction to measure of central tendency and variation. 4/5/1996
Estimation of Pi Shoot random points at a circle to approximate the value of Pi. 6/16/2014
Euclid's Algorithm, Heron's Algorithm, Calculation of Pi Use Excel to help students better understand Euclid’s Algorithm, Heron’s Algorithm, and the Estimation of pi. 12/11/1998
Excel Traffic Problem Find the maximum number of cars passing a point in a given amount of timeusing algebra 12/10/1998
Exponential Fit This lesson explores the process of finding the best fittingexponential curve to sets of data. 2/22/1996
Folding a Rectangular Prism Fold this piece of paper into a three dimensional box. 8/3/2001
Folding a Rectangular Pyramid Fold this piece of paper into a three dimensional pyramid. 7/29/2004
Gender Issues through Chi-square Experiments Students will explain their Chi-square test, calculations, and conclusion of results. 7/16/1997
Generating Pythagorean Triples Produce up to 500 non-trivial Pythagorean Triples. 10/22/2001
Geoboard Applet Create shapes with a virtual Geoboard. 9/21/2003
Hare and Tortoise Game A Game that introduces probability from Hands-on to Resampling Stats 7/16/1997
Hermit Problem - Lesson This lesson tracks the spread of a disease on a desert island inhabited by hermits. 5/6/1996
How a basketball flies Do a simulation of a shot from the free throw line. 12/15/1998
Introduction to Descriptive Statistics Introduction to Descriptive Statistics with Mode, Median, Mean, and Range 7/16/1997
Intro to Trig: Basic Elements of Right Triangle Trigonometry An Introductory Project in Trigonometry using The Geometer's Sketchpad 2/9/2000
Island of Discarded Calculators This lesson provides numerous mathematics explorations in terms of missing calcualtor keys. 1/20/1999
Light Bulb Applet An exploration of the effect of voltage on current 1/19/2000
Linear regression Students explore notions of relationshipsbetween two variables. 5/17/1996
Magic Squares Try to get the same sum along rows, columns, and diagonals of a matrix of numbers. 1/22/2004
Mathematics Javascript ToolBox This site offers a few interactive javascripts to explore mathematics. There are Calculators, Converters and Solvers. 1/8/1999
Monty's Dilemma Pick your favorite door and play the game of chance with Monty. 9/23/2003
Number sequences: about stars and marbles How many marbles will the pyramid have, if there are ten flights? 12/14/1998
Numeric Base Converter Convert numbers from one base to another. 12/16/2005
Ohm's Law Explore the flow of electrons in circuits. 1/19/2000
Picnic Cooler Applet See how water pressure influences the rate at which water flows out of a picnic cooler 1/19/2000
Pythagorean Triples with Java and the TI Graphing calculators This page offers a Java Program to Generate Pythagorean Triples. 2/3/1999
Quadratic Formula Explore the quadratic formula and a variation of it. 10/13/2000
Race Applet Race cars by rolling a die. 1/28/2002
Random Birthday Find out just how likely it is that two or more random Birthdays are found on the same day. 9/9/2016
Rectangle Properties Study the relationships between perimeter, area, length, and width of a rectangle. 6/12/2001
Regular Polygon Tester Learn about the relationship between a polygon's inner angle and its number of sides. 11/29/2001
Relative Prime Demonstrate the probability of two randomly chosen integers being relatively prime. 3/25/2002
Resistance Applet An exploration of the resistance 1/19/2000
Rocket Launch Launch a rocket if it passes all stages of its flight tests. 8/8/1999
SpreadSheet Activities for Science This is a spreadsheet that models the vertical motion of two water balloons being dropped 7/20/1999
Sum of Angles Draw a polygon and then count the sum of its angles. 6/4/2014
Temperature of a Point on a 2-D Plate Find the temperature at a particularpoint of a rectangular plate using statistical methods. 6/30/1996
Text Analyzer Display a number of statistics about the text you enter, including word, letter, and sentence counts. 8/16/2017
The Area of a Triangle This activity includes an Excel file and a Java fileto experiment with interactive triangles. 12/30/1998
The Moving Man Activity This Java applet simulates a motion detector. Move the man and see a graph of his motion. 2/17/1999
The World Series Problem Student activities to explore the concept of expected value 5/6/1996
TI-92 Lessons and Programs This web page contains nine lessons that use the TI-92 and nine programs for the TI-92. 7/20/1997
Triangle Dice Roll dice and see the relationship between sides of a triangle. 7/3/2001
Unit Circle Applet Find Sin, Cos, Tan, Cosec, Sec, and Cotan for any angle on the unit circle. 6/18/2014
Variance and Covariance Use Geometer's SketchPad to give a graphical introducation to variance and covariance. 5/21/1996
Water Tower Applet Explore how water pressure influences the rate at which water flows out of a water tower and why small towns need water towers. 1/19/2000