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About Us

…to engage and inform pre-college students and teachers and to connect current research in the fields of mathematics, science, and technology to the traditional school curriculum…

The Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE), founded in 1993 by Kenneth Travers, is a unit within the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. MSTE partners with schools, research scientists, professional organizations, and national curriculum projects to increase capacity in STEM teaching and learning.

We communicate broader impacts of research in science and engineering and connect it to the traditional school curriculum.
We engage with teachers, K12 students, families, schools, and community members.
We create curriculum, facilitate informal science programs, and provide K12 program support including professional development.
We develop web-based tools for STEM education and participation.

Mission Statement

MSTE supports intentional outreach through public engagement. At our university this means working with research scientists to help them convey to the public the broader impacts of their research. In working with people and organizations beyond the University of Illinois, intentional outreach means listening to pressing challenges in education and determining ways that connections to MSTE or to other campus resources can help address those challenges.

MSTE provides support for research into practice efforts. University researchers who make new discoveries or create new knowledge work with MSTE to communicate the impacts of their work to the workforce of the future, to policy makers, and to the broader public. Our research partners want to communicate their excitement to pre-college students, and they want to engage and inform the public. MSTE creates curriculum modules and hands-on interactive activities, develops citizen science programs, and designs websites for engaging the public.

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