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Scratch for Young Learners

These lessons develop basic programming concepts through Scratch as they apply computation thinking skills to topics in science and mathematics for K-5 learners. Activities include lesson plans and links to Scratch projects for students and for teachers. Unplugged activities introduce many of the activities.

K-1 Scratch Activities and Lessons (PDF)

  • What's in the Box?
  • It's Cold Out Here!
  • Off to the Races
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Color Word

K-3 Math Scratch Activities and Lessons (PDF)

  • Off to the Races
  • 100's Chart Hit the Target
  • Make a Zoo
  • Attributes of 2-D Shapes
  • Concentric Circles and Fractions
  • Multiplication Dance and Moves
  • Top it

3-5 Science Scratch Activities and Lessons (PDF)

  • How Many Moons
  • Mass and Weight
  • Pluto — Planet or Dwarf Planet?
  • Human Body Systems
  • Complete the Circuit
  • Match Game
  • Static Electricity

3-5 Math Scratch Activities and Lessons (PDF)

  • Whole Numbers - Place Value (Decimal Place Value)
  • Spinning Quadrilaterals and Sequence
  • Line Plots (Length of Straw Pieces)
  • Finding Volume, Area, or Surface Area (Debugging)
  • IN/OUT Box to Show Functions

Learn to Code by Teaching Others (PDF)

Activities in this book are designed to provide fun projects for learners with varying abilities and experience. The book describes five basic programming concepts and includes Understand How This Works sections to provide background for the teacher. The lesson are color coded Bronze, Silver, and Gold for beginning, intermediate, and more advanced learners.