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Periodic Poetry

Periodic Poetry image Provides students with an opportunity to discover scientific facts about an element(s) and express what they have learned.
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Author: Guest User
Date Created: 9/14/1999
Last Modified: N/A

Detailed Description:

In class have students color in their coffee filter with water color magic markers, completely covering the entire filter on one side. Spray the filter generously with water so that the colors run( not too much or the color will wash out) Allow the filters to dry overnight. Pass out poetry guidelines for homework and have the students choose 1 or more elements from the periodic table and write at least 3 different types of poems about an element for homework. The following night have the students choose their best work and type a final copy of the poem to be pasted in the center of their filter.

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Lesson (Lessons that don't include any sort of interactive component.)
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