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Periodic Table Adventure

Periodic Table Adventure image This unit consists of interactive web activities and lesson plans for the traditional classroom.
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Date Created: 1/1/2000
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Detailed Description:

In the Periodic Table Adventure unit, students will use a teacher-developed interactive website to learn and practice key concepts related to atoms, elements, and using the periodic table of the elements. The unit consists not only of interactive web activities, but also consists of lesson plans for the traditional classroom. Students will first examine the history of the periodic table and the life of Dmitri Mendeleev. Next, students will learn about elements and atomic structure. Once students have shown a mastery of atomic structure, they will then proceed to learn how to read and interpret the periodic table of the elements, including information about the many families and groups of elements contained in the periodic table. Also included in this information are descriptions of the properties of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids. Finally, as a culminating activity, students will be put into teams and perform internet-based research on an element from the periodic table. This research will then be used for each team to develop and present a two-minute advertisement for that element.

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