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Euclid's Algorithm, Heron's Algorithm, Calculation of Pi

Euclid's Algorithm, Heron's Algorithm, Calculation of Pi image Use Excel to help students better understand Euclid’s Algorithm, Heron’s Algorithm, and the Estimation of pi.
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Author: Allison Kyte
Date Created: 12/11/1998
Last Modified: N/A

Detailed Description:

Problem Description by Hans-Georg Weigand:1.Euclids Algorithm gives you the greatest common divisor oftwo natural numbers. Explain the Euclids Algorithm. Given aretwo number (e. g. 121 and 33), calculate the gcd(121,33). InEXCEL you need the "if-command".2.Herons Algorithm gives you an approximation of an irrationalnumber, e.g. . Explain Herons Algorithm. Do it with Excel.3.Construct an iterated process for calculation p .

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