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Title Brief Description Category Date
Graph a wide range of functions in 3 dimensions. (requires Java3D download) Geometry 6/17/2004
Explore acid-base titration in this chemistry lab experiment. Problem Solving, Chemistry 11/3/2001
Exploring equations for lines, parabolas, and tangents using Geometer's Sketchpad Algebra 10/22/1995
Practice identifying significant figures using flashcards. Significant Figures & Measurement 7/1/1999
Adjust the precision on this web calculator. Number & Operations 8/16/2000
Find shape weights using a balance. Algebra 9/21/2003
Generate the best fit of a line. Data Analysis and Probability 6/10/2014
Learn to count in binary, including signed notation and adding 2 binary numbers. Number & Operations 7/24/2004
A javascript applet for calculating BMI. Number & Operations 5/18/2000
Play with the perimeter of boxes. Geometry 3/27/2000
Estimate Pi by calculating the geometrical probability of a needle landing on a line. Data Analysis and Probability 5/28/2014
View Autocad files made by TCD students. Geometry 12/7/1999
Graph points in the plane Geometry, Connections Conference 2006 11/1/2005
Excellent table manipulation feature, allowing students to view table trends one characteristic at a time. Periodic Table 1/1/1996
Basic information on the characteristics of the elements, table is color coded by type of element (example: noble gasses). Periodic Table 1/1/2005
Find the Chi-squared value of drawing a number of random marbles. Data Analysis and Probability 12/8/1999
Ask Nick to take a random step while he braves the edge of a cliff. Number & Operations, Data Analysis and Probability, Connections Conference 2006, Algebra, Communication 11/3/2005
Learn about probability and hidden states with the MiSTEam Data Analysis and Probability 11/14/2005
Explore addition using visual representation rather than just an abstract concept. Number & Operations 4/20/2000
Fill a rectangular box with cubes. Geometry 4/20/2000
The periodic table is emptied and users have to put the elements back in their correct location. Periodic Table 1/1/2006
Dazzle your students with this so-cool animated introductory exercise Geometry 10/22/1996
Remove your chips with rolls of the dice. Data Analysis and Probability 9/19/2002
Brief tutorial with basic notes and eleven questions. Significant Figures & Measurement 11/25/2000
Quick reference quide to the numbers of the periodic table. Periodic Table 1/1/2000
Approximate the surface area for the Earth if its radius changed. Geometry 8/20/2000
Move the pieces of a puzzle around to form an egg. Problem Solving 3/20/1999
Easy to read periodic table outlining the electron configurations. Periodic Table 1/29/2004
Shoot random points at a circle to approximate the value of Pi. Geometry 6/16/2014
A Java-based, online version of the Elements Geometry 4/7/1996
Create fancy parabolas using Java Sketchpad. Algebra 8/16/2000
Evaluate arithmetic expressions step-by-step. Algebra 5/4/2001
Online random flash card generator for simple math operations. Number & Operations 3/8/2000
Create and graphically visualize a floating point system. Number & Operations 3/8/2000
Applet that demonstrates foldings a piece of paper into a cylinder. Geometry 4/3/2009
Fold this piece of paper into a three dimensional box. Geometry, CTM 2007, Connections Conference 2006 8/3/2001
Fold this piece of paper into a three dimensional pyramid. Connections Conference 2006, Geometry 7/29/2004
Produce up to 500 non-trivial Pythagorean Triples. Geometry 10/22/2001
Create shapes with a virtual Geoboard. Geometry 9/21/2003
Plot the graph for Ax=b and check out the graphical effects of precision. Algebra 1/30/2001
Approximate the area of a circle using a grid. Geometry 4/1/2000
A Game that introduces probability from Hands-on to Resampling Stats Data Analysis and Probability 7/16/1997
Track the spread of a disease among hermits using this interactive Java applet Data Analysis and Probability 6/15/2000
Do a simulation of a shot from the free throw line. Representation 12/15/1998
Learn about inscribing a regular polygon in a circle. Geometry 2/26/2002
Ten periodic table activities and a printer-friendly periodic table are available on this site. Periodic Table 1/1/2006
A collection of Java Sketches created in Geometer's Sketchpad and saved as Java Applets Geometry, CTM 2007 2/26/2007
Plot points on a graph and then fit the data with a polynomial of a chosen degree. Data Analysis and Probability 4/8/2001
Includes excellent photos of the each element and interesting environmental/health related information. Periodic Table 1/1/1998
An exploration of the effect of voltage on current Physics 1/19/2000
Introductory resource including atomic structure definitions, abbreviations, and itmes in the news. Periodic Table 1/1/2003
Try to get the same sum along rows, columns, and diagonals of a matrix of numbers. Problem Solving 1/22/2004
This site offers a few interactive javascripts to explore mathematics. There are Calculators, Converters and Solvers. Algebra 1/8/1999
Illustrates the effect of a given matrix on the unit circle. Geometry 3/5/2001
Practice identifying significant figures using flashcards. Significant Figures & Measurement 7/28/1999
Compare how well four methods of root estimation rank up with each other. Algebra 2/11/2000
An in-class guessing game of numbers. Significant Figures & Measurement 2/23/2005
Pick your favorite door and play the game of chance with Monty. Data Analysis and Probability 9/23/2003
Explore triangles using Java Sketchpad Geometry 1/17/2000
See how addition and subtraction work. Number & Operations 9/10/2001
Approximate numerical integration. Algebra 5/16/2000
Convert numbers from one base to another. Number & Operations 12/16/2005
Explore the flow of electrons in circuits. Algebra 1/19/2000
Brief clip reviews atomic numbers and metallic trends in the periodic table. Periodic Table 1/1/2006
The names of the elements are available in spanish, german, and english on this site. Periodic Table 1/1/2006
Video Stream from Harvard covering periodic trends. Periodic Table 1/1/2006
See how water pressure influences the rate at which water flows out of a picnic cooler Physics 1/19/2000
Plot points and see their line of best fit. Algebra 9/19/2002
A prime number calculator that can handle numbers up to 16 digits long Number & Operations 9/19/2007
Explore the Pythagorean Theorem through regular polygons and circles on the sides of a right triangle. Geometry 9/18/2003
Explore the quadratic formula and a variation of it. Algebra 10/13/2000
Race cars by rolling a die. Data Analysis and Probability 1/28/2002
Find out just how likely it is that two or more random Birthdays are found on the same day. Data Analysis and Probability 9/9/2016
Study the relationships between perimeter, area, length, and width of a rectangle. Algebra 6/12/2001
Learn about the relationship between a polygon's inner angle and its number of sides. Geometry 11/29/2001
Demonstrate the probability of two randomly chosen integers being relatively prime. Number & Operations 3/25/2002
An exploration of the resistance Physics 1/19/2000
Launch a rocket if it passes all stages of its flight tests. Data Analysis and Probability 8/8/1999
Compare rounding and truncation. Number & Operations 8/16/2000
Visual database of physical and thermochemical properties, two games and a feature showing the table in the year of your choice Periodic Table 1/1/2002
A virtual scratch card with user-defined properties. Data Analysis and Probability 4/20/2005
Track the distance the two fish move from each other. Measurement 10/1/1998
Plug in your favorite coefficient matrix and solve it. Algebra 3/7/2000
Use a spreadsheet with a few basic operations. Communication 9/3/1999
This page offers statistical programs that can be downloaded directly into the TI-82 or 83. Data Analysis and Probability 2/2/1999
Sum a divergent infinite series. Algebra 9/13/2000
Draw a polygon and then count the sum of its angles. Geometry 6/4/2014
Explore power and energy usage in the home. Electricity, Electricity 6/10/2006
This applet simulates a system that is owned by a power utility company. Electricity, Electricity 9/6/2007
Learn about how the power grid functions by managing electricity generation and distribution. Electricity, Electricity 6/10/2006
Use this applet to explore some issues related to generation, demand, and transmission of electricity. Electricity, Electricity 4/8/2008
Discover the temperature at any point on a metal plate. Algebra 8/7/1998
Enter Tesla Town and explore electricity generation and delivery. Electricity, Electricity 11/2/2012
Display a number of statistics about the text you enter, including word, letter, and sentence counts. Communication 8/16/2017
This Java applet simulates a motion detector. Move the man and see a graph of his motion. Connections Conference 2006, Measurement, Connections 2/17/1999
Challenges students to fill in a blank periodic table. Periodic Table 1/1/2004
Highly visual informational website. Includes information about elemental properties and products the elements can be found in. Periodic Table 1/1/2005
Explore geometry first-hand using toothpicks. Problem Solving 11/15/2002
Arrange the toothpicks to form five squares. Problem Solving 9/11/2000
Find Sin, Cos, Tan, Cosec, Sec, and Cotan for any angle on the unit circle. Geometry 6/18/2014
Review or practice resource for students struggling with significant figures. Significant Figures & Measurement 2/23/2006
Imulation of acid-base titration with pH curves (for high school students) Titrations 5/22/1999
Explore how water pressure influences the rate at which water flows out of a water tower and why small towns need water towers. Physics 1/19/2000
Toss these digital dice and see what numbers roll up. Data Analysis and Probability 6/16/1998
An informational webpage covering the background and properties of the elements of the periodic table. Periodic Table 1/1/1993


Title Brief Description Category Date
Walks through the titration process using plastic bottles rather than burets. Titrations
A two day unit plan that incorporates decision-making ideas from statistics into the science classroom. Data Analysis and Probability
A basic lab outline. Lab Reports
Lesson to introduce students both to Mathematica and to the Monte Carlo method of solving probability problems Data Analysis and Probability
This lesson deals with proportions, right triangles and the geometric mean Geometry
Complete Aspirin titration lesson. Titrations
Extensive notes followed by 8 practice exercises make this excellent for assessment of understanding. Periodic Table
Use the stock market to calculate commissions and costs for buying and selling stock. Data Analysis and Probability
A lesson to accompany the "Folding a Rectangular Prism" applet Algebra
Number & Operations
Problem Solving
Control an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope to image insects at high magnification. Problem Solving
This lesson/unit allows an exploration into the ratio that designates a cancerous cell. Geometry
Problem Solving
Problem Solving
In this experiment, students will analyze a number of commercial products. Titrations
Two separate redox titrations using a standardized permanganate solution. Titrations
Computational chemistry simulations and visualizations for use in the chemistry classroom Chemistry
Understand statistical terms such as expectation, significance, and chi-square Data Analysis and Probability
Nice, basic pictoral walk through of titration techniques Titrations
Introduction to measure of central tendency and variation. Data Analysis and Probability
Lab, questions, and vocabulary based on a titration experiment. Titrations
Geometrically show the differences between 2 squares. a*a -b*b=(a-b)(a-b)*(a+b)(a+b) Geometry
Lab outline including materials and procedures. Titrations
Use Excel to help students better understand Euclid’s Algorithm, Heron’s Algorithm, and the Estimation of pi. Number & Operations
Find the maximum number of cars passing a point in a given amount of timeusing algebra Algebra
Use multicolor index cards to recreate the periodic table. Periodic Table
Use multicolor index cards to recreate the periodic table. Periodic Table
Directions and descriptions for creating and simulating the creation of a parabola. Algebra
This lesson explores the process of finding the best fittingexponential curve to sets of data. Algebra
A Fractals Lesson for Elementary and Middle School Students Geometry
Students will explain their Chi-square test, calculations, and conclusion of results. Reasoning and Proof
Your task is to match up the correlation coefficients with the plots. Data Analysis and Probability
This lesson tracks the spread of a disease on a desert island inhabited by hermits. Data Analysis and Probability
This tool seems very effective for teaching Geometry at remotely located students. Geometry
Introduction to Descriptive Statistics with Mode, Median, Mean, and Range Data Analysis and Probability
Supplementary material to help students with their first encounter with vectors. Geometry
An Introductory Project in Trigonometry using The Geometer's Sketchpad Geometry
This lesson provides numerous mathematics explorations in terms of missing calcualtor keys. Problem Solving
This page is designed to help students develop their ability to recognize graphs of functions. Algebra
Analysis of a commercial product and use of back titration. Titrations
Students explore notions of relationshipsbetween two variables. Algebra
Learn about magic squares and their origin. Problem Solving
This lesson places mathematics in the real-world context of cartography. Representation
A great way to set up activities for holding a multicultural math fair in your school! Communication
Students will reinforce their knowledge of fractions by using online pattern block activities. Number & Operations
A scientific paper reflecting upon and making a new suggestion for student lab reports. Lab Reports
How many marbles will the pyramid have, if there are ten flights? Number & Operations
Provides students with an opportunity to discover scientific facts about an element(s) and express what they have learned. Periodic Table
This unit consists of interactive web activities and lesson plans for the traditional classroom. Periodic Table
This unit consists of interactive web activities and lesson plans for the traditional classroom. Periodic Table
Each group must find a creative way to describe the family characteristics to the class. Periodic Table
Unit designed to teach surface area and volume Geometry
Basic notes on the topic Significant Figures & Measurement
This page offers a Java Program to Generate Pythagorean Triples. Geometry
Students actively discover characteristics and the patterns in the periodic table. Periodic Table
Web-centered framework for education and outreach in the Mississippi River Basin and other prominent Communication
Modeling And Simulation Tools for Education Reform Communication
Three period lesson using both classroom and internet activities. Significant Figures & Measurement
This is a spreadsheet that models the vertical motion of two water balloons being dropped Problem Solving
Illustrates the intuitive notion of the tangent plane to a graph of a function of two variables. Geometry
Explore power and energy usage in the home, taking into account time of use pricing. Electricity
This unit includes an essay, "scavenger hunt," and web activity with extra lessons on electrons and shape of the periodic table. Periodic Table
Find the temperature at a particularpoint of a rectangular plate using statistical methods. Geometry
A lesson that uses many options for studying tesselations Geometry
This activity includes an Excel file and a Java fileto experiment with interactive triangles. Geometry
Enjoyable activities involving geometric transformations and image distortion. Geometry
Includes both notes and activites, lots of opportunities to practice. Significant Figures & Measurement
In this laboratory exercise you will attempt to determine the number of acidic hydrogen's in a weak organic acid (HnA) by monito Titrations
Student activities to explore the concept of expected value Data Analysis and Probability
This web page contains nine lessons that use the TI-92 and nine programs for the TI-92. Data Analysis and Probability
Complete HCl titration lesson. Titrations
Roll dice and see the relationship between sides of a triangle. Geometry
Extensive listing of educational java modules in computational science. Communication
Use Geometer's SketchPad to give a graphical introducation to variance and covariance. Algebra
Descriptive outline of a lab report, specifying how to enter information. Lab Reports
An integrated weather unit for students in grades four through six. Representation
Learn all about fractals. Geometry

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