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Title Brief Description Category Date
Discover the temperature at any point on a metal plate. Algebra 8/7/1998
Sum a divergent infinite series. Algebra 9/13/2000
Plug in your favorite coefficient matrix and solve it. Algebra 3/7/2000
Study the relationships between perimeter, area, length, and width of a rectangle. Algebra 6/12/2001
Explore the quadratic formula and a variation of it. Algebra 10/13/2000
Plot points and see their line of best fit. Algebra 9/19/2002
Explore the flow of electrons in circuits. Algebra 1/19/2000
Approximate numerical integration. Algebra 5/16/2000
Compare how well four methods of root estimation rank up with each other. Algebra 2/11/2000
This site offers a few interactive javascripts to explore mathematics. There are Calculators, Converters and Solvers. Algebra 1/8/1999
Plot the graph for Ax=b and check out the graphical effects of precision. Algebra 1/30/2001
Evaluate arithmetic expressions step-by-step. Algebra 5/4/2001
Create fancy parabolas using Java Sketchpad. Algebra 8/16/2000
Ask Nick to take a random step while he braves the edge of a cliff. Algebra 11/3/2005
Find shape weights using a balance. Algebra 9/21/2003
Exploring equations for lines, parabolas, and tangents using Geometer's Sketchpad Algebra 10/22/1995


Title Brief Description Category Date
Use Geometer's SketchPad to give a graphical introducation to variance and covariance. Algebra
Students explore notions of relationshipsbetween two variables. Algebra
This page is designed to help students develop their ability to recognize graphs of functions. Algebra
This lesson explores the process of finding the best fittingexponential curve to sets of data. Algebra
Directions and descriptions for creating and simulating the creation of a parabola. Algebra
Find the maximum number of cars passing a point in a given amount of timeusing algebra Algebra
A lesson to accompany the "Folding a Rectangular Prism" applet Algebra

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