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The Casino - Games of Pure Chance

Games of Pure Chance

This section is for the discussion of games in which there is no skill involved. The outcome of the game is entirely dependent on the laws of probability.

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The Coin Tossing Game
Don't be fooled by grifters! The odds of winning a game are not always what they appear to be. For instance, take a look at how easily Michael is able to fool Matt in a simple coin tossing game as the MiSTEam staff demonstrates the effects of hidden states.
The Cereal Box Problem
A certain cereal company has decided to start putting toys in its cereal boxes. How many boxes of cereal can you expect to buy before you get all the toys? This is very similar to the question of how many cards you can expect to draw from a deck before you get the card you need.
Cliff Hanger
The ultimate betting game! Nick Exner gambles with his life by standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and randomly taking a step forward or backward. Try out different probabilities and see what his chances of living or dying are.
Scratch and Win
What exactly are your odds of winning those Scratch and Win lottery tickets? Even if every ticket is a potential winner, you might be surprised at how low your actual odds of winning are.
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