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Answers to some common questions about membership

  1. Why should I sign up?
    • You can customize your experience on the MSTE site with various page layouts and themes
    • You can post comments about various Resources/Lessons and News Articles

  2. Do I need to sign up to use the site?
    No, there is no obligation on your part to sign up. As a non-member you are free to view and use all of the resources that a member of our site has access to, but you will not have the features mentioned above available to you.

  3. You're asking for my email address. Am I safe giving this information to you?
    Yes, we have no interest in selling your email address to spammers or spamming you ourselves. We only ask for one because our primary method of contact with many people is through email and we need to verify that you are a valid person creating an account.

If you have any other questions about becoming a member of the MSTE website, please feel free to email us.