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The Casino - Games of Chance and Skill

Games of Chance and Skill

This section is for the discussion of games in which the laws of probability come into play, but different strategies of play will affect how well you do.

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Dice Game
Place your chips on the numbered squares and start rolling! Every time the number on the dice equals the number of the square you have a chip on, you can remove a chip on that square. See if you can place your chips so that they will be removed with the minimum possible number of rolls.
Monty's Dilemma
Stay or switch? In classic Let's Make a Deal fashion, you've chosen one of three doors and Monty Hall has opened one of the other doors to reveal that it has no prize. Now you can either stay with your original choice or switch to the remaining unopened door. What should you do? Should you stay or should you switch? Does it make a difference? Now you can know for sure.
Racing Game
It's a race to the finish line! Assign numbers on a die to each car, and set the length of the track. When a car's number is rolled, it moves that number of squares. Which car has the advantage? It's time to place your bets!
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