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Now available! "Discovering Computer Science & Programming Through Scratch" Student Notebooks!

Posted on: 7/1/2020 2:26 PM
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"Discovering Computer Science & Programming Through Scratch" workbooks are now available through the National 4-H Mall. There are three workbooks available to purchase: Level 1 Student Notebook: Fundamentals, Level 2 Student Notebook: Exploration, and Level 3 Student Notebook: Recursion.

This curriculum introduces young people to fundamental principles of computer programming, providing a foundation for exploring and creating. Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

These books were written by Judy Rocke, Jana Sebestik, and Lenny Pitt.

Now available! "Design a Power Park: Smart Circuits"

Posted on: 6/15/2020 4:14 PM
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"Design a Power Park: Smart Circuits", is now available through the National 4-H Mall. This hands-on activities book explores smart circuits and is the second book in the "Explore a Power Park" series. The first book, "Explore a Power Park Book 1: Paper Circuits", explores paper circuits.

These books were written by Jana Sebestik, Samantha Lindgren, Logan Marlow, and Christina Tran with illustrations by Christina Tran.

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Beth Kirchgesner wins campus award for excellence in Public Engagement!

Posted on: 6/15/2020 3:49 PM

Beth Kirchgesner has been key in the creation and maintenance of the Public Engagement Portal for the University of Illinois. The PE Portal was created in 2008 and active until 2019. Beth won a College of Education Award for Breakthrough Innovation in 2013 and now has won the campus' Emerging Award for Excellence in Public Engagement from the Office of the Provost. Congratulations, Beth!

Food Supply Chain Map beta launch

Posted on: 6/11/2020 2:47 PM
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Professor Megan Konar in Civil and Environmental Engineering partnered with the MSTE Office to visualize the flow of food between counties in the United States. She and a team of other researchers in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois and Kansas State University have developed a Food Flow Model to estimate food flows between all county pairs in the United States.

In order to help the researchers communicate their findings to the public, MSTE has developed a Food Supply Chain Map to visualize the flows of food among counties. This beta version of the map allows you to select a county and easily see all the other US counties that trade food with the selected county. Learn more about the terminology and data used in the map.

For more information on their model, see:
- Food flows between counties in the United States: a paper published last year describing the research group's process and findings
- We mapped how food gets from farms to your home: an article in which Professor Konar describes some of the interesting findings from her research

Sixth Annual BeeBlitz

Posted on: 6/11/2020 2:42 PM
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Join us (virtually) on Saturday, June 27, 2020 for the sixth annual BeeBlitz, taking place during National Pollinator Week! All residents of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio are invited to canvas their backyards and neighborhoods for bees, snap some pics, and upload them to BeeSpotter on Saturday, June 27th. The name BeeBlitz is derived from a BioBlitz, an activity in which all of the biodiversity in a specific area is examined, to provide a snapshot in time of the flora and fauna present. BeeSpotter wants to know what species of honey & bumble bees are seen, and where they are, on the 27th. We encourage veteran and aspiring bee spotters alike to venture out on a nature walk and participate in the blitz. There are no in-person BeeBlitz events planned this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, this event is a perfect candidate for social distancing, as you can go out on your own or in small groups; there's no need to gather in large crowds to go bee spotting! You can find out more about the event on the BeeBlitz webpage.


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