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Day 2-3: The Difference Statistic and Modeling

Side Question

You need to experiment to see if ignoring two outcomes of a six sided die gives you the same results as rolling a four sided die.

Roll a six sided die 50 times and record how many 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s you get. If you get 5 or a 6 do not write anything down. After you have done this, copy the table below and write the results in the appropriate places. Roll a 4 sided die the same number as the total number of 1-4s you have. This will almost definitely be less than 50. Record this information in the next column. Are the results close to the same or they radically different?

Obtain the totals for the whole class for six sided and four sided die rolls and see how those numbers compare.

Why do you think the numbers should be the same?

What are you, in effect, doing when you ignore the five and six as outcomes on the six sided die?

How can you use this to do preference testing with 5 products?

How could you use this with 3 products so that you don't need to ignore any of the outcomes?