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Day 1: Cola Wars and We have a Winner

Cola Wars:

Not so long ago, in a galaxy much like our own , battles for the

hearts and minds of soft drink consumers, raged daily. There were

no good guys or bad guys, but all forces in the battle had very

powerful weapons. Some had boisterous ad campaigns, others had

catchy jingles, while others promised adventure and success with

the drinking of their beverages. The public was swayed from one

soft drink to the other on the basis of these weapons, and

especially by the unleashing of the awesome super weapon ...


Of course, this is just satire, but the fact of the matter is that public opinion is swayed by what companies claim about what other people PREFER. How many times have you thought during a commercial, hmmmm.. I wonder if this product is as good as they say? That is what companies are trying to do; get you to think about their product. They figure you might buy it, you might not, but at least they have you thinking about it.

Today you should conduct a taste test. Won't it be interesting to see what your classmates think about soft drink beverages? The contestants will be the following:

Make yourself a table like the one below. Ask about thirty classmates or people you can encounter in a common area which beverage of the above four they prefer, and keep track of their responses. Declare the drink with the most votes the winner, or declare a tie if that occurs, and move on to We Have a Winner.

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