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The Problem:

The manager of the school cafeteria has come to you and your team for help. The manager needs better information to use in making decisions about what food, and how much of each food, to prepare. This project involves designing and implementing a data collection system that will help culinary arts personnel make reliable decisions about menu planning.

Time line:

1st Day--Discussion on how to use technology to improve the service efficiency of the cafeteria. Explore various possibilities. Make a decision based on chosen criteria.
2nd and 3rd Days--Construct the database for inventory and the point of sale cash register.
4th and 5th Days--Use the point of sale-cash register, make the data available to students at other
          schools for analysis and feedback.

Successful Management of a Cafeteria:

Successful management of a cafeteria requires, among other things, reliable information about what food there is in stock, the service performance of the employees, the efficiency of the service provided in the cafeteria etc.

Aspects of the project will include:

  1. Determining data to be collected for the database for inventory.
  2. Designing a database that will provide base line data on the cafeteria management.
  3. Making the database available on the web.
  4. Deciding which descriptive statistics to use to report (and display) and analyze the data from the inventory. The data will be organized in such a way that various displays can readily be generated. (By day of week, etc.)