Surveys - Food Preferences Module

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Lesson Structure and Evaluation

1. Goals:
Collect and analyze information to make decision about what food items to purchase
Decide which descriptive statistics to use to report (and display) preference items
Construct a statistics-based presentation individually and as members of a team to communicate the results of the survey and to justify the decisions taken.

2. Materials:  
Internet access
E-mail access
Paper to keep truck of the results
3. Suggested time line:
1st Day--Discussion of the problem. Explore various possibilities. Make a decision based on chosen criteria.
2nd and 3rd Days--Collect data and analyze
4th and 5th Days--Construct a statistics-based presentation

4. Evaluation:
On-going through the problems suggested on the homepage
Discuss the results with your group. Review the procedures you followed
Write a brief report how you obtained the data, analyzed it and decided which statistics to use to report and display the inventory data
Prepare html document,  including response form,  to make the data available to students at other schools for analysis and feedback.
Be able to discuss solutions to some of the "Sample questions"