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Day 1: Discussion

Here is the problem statement we have to work on:

The manager of the school cafeteria has come to you and your team for help. The manager needs better information to use in making decisions about what food, and how much of each food, to prepare. This project involves designing and implementing a data collection system that will help culinary arts personnel make reliable decisions about menu planning.

Here are some activities that can help you tackle this problem:

  1. Successful menu planning requires, among other things, reliable information about student preferences for the various food items. Experience in the Davea cafeteria has shown that food preferences vary by: 
    • School (e.g. Pizza puffs are more popular at some schools than others)
    • Day of the week (e.g. Some days are slow days for some items...maybe because the same items are offered at the students' own schools on a prior day ?)
    • Other factors ?? (boy/girl ? grade in school ? )
  2. Having in mind the above, discuss in your groups the problem statement. Determine relevant student background data that you want to collect: school; gender; grade; day of week of survey; (others?)
  3. Design a survey (questionnaire) that will provide baseline data on student preferences for food types (hamburgers, pizza puffs, etc.)
  4. Prepare an html document, including a response form so that you can enter data on the web and search what you want to find out.