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Problem Statement

The Problem:

You and your team have been hired as subcontractors by a company producing a new video game. Your team is responsible for producing a security base plate for the new game. The product will be manufactured at the Technology Center of DuPage (TCD). You must send the correct coordinates for this piece to the milling class at TCD. They will take the coordinates and construct the piece. At the end of this project, you will be asked to think of a differejt object that you as a class would like to have made.

Time line:

Day 1: Explore the geometry behind the construction.
Day 2: Go to the computer lab and download the templates and other resources from the Internet.
Day 3: Transfer blueprint to graph paper and identify coordinates of critical points around the base plate. (Perhaps plot on computer).
Day 4/5: Groups correspond with students at TCD and use the mail form to send coordinates to the milling class.