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Pyramid Applet

The Concept:

This Applet allows you to specify a pyramid, by setting the width, height and length, seeing the initial cut-out and then folding it into the pyramid you specified. You will know what the dimensions of the pyramid are, along with the surface area and the volume of the pyramid.


Specify the Width, Length and Height of the pyramid or use the default values. Use the information on the side to try and minimize the Surface Area while maximizing the Volume. Width, Length and Height must be in the range 1-10, inclusive.


  • Update: Push the Update button if you want to update the pyramid to the dimensions you entered.
  • Reset: Push the Reset button to restore the default dimensions of the pyramid.
  • Run: Push the Run button to see the pyramid fold up on its own.
  • Drag the pyramid with the mouse to rotate it.


If you are having trouble loading the Applet, a possible solution is to update your Java Runtime Environment. To update your JRE, go to SUN's Java Webpage and follow the link to download Java software. If you are having problems using the applet, please notify Pavel Safronov. Please specify the applet you are using, your web browser, operating system and the particular problem experienced. Please be as detailed as possible.

The Credits:

Applet designed and coded by Pavel Safronov. Please e-mail me with comments, error reports or complaints you have about the applet.


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