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Chameleon Graphing

The Concept:

Sam the Chameleon illustrates graphing points in the plane. When looking for a particular point, Sam moves along the x-axis to reach the point's x coordinate and then sticks out his long tongue to reach the point's y coordinate.


Click on the graph to make Sam graph the point under your cursor. After having graphed the point, Sam will blend in with the background to let you study what he has done. Hold down the mouse button and move the cursor around to move the graph.

The Applet:

The Code:

Download the source code to the applets here:

Compile the source code with the Java SDK and make sure that all the image files (.png) are in the same directory as the .class files.


If you are having trouble loading the Applet, a possible solution is to update your Java Runtime Environment. To update your JRE, go to SUN's Java Webpage and follow the links to download the Java software. If you are having problems using the applet, please notify Pavel Safronov. Please specify the applet you are using, your web browser, operating system and the particular problem experienced. Please be as detailed as possible.


The original lesson exists as a webpage at The request for an interactive version of the lesson is located at

The Credits:

Applet designed and coded by Pavel Safronov. Please e-mail me with comments, error reports or complaints you have about the applet.


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