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Water Pressure and Flow Rate

Use your mouse to drag the man around the screen. Take him up the hill to water the flowers. As he goes up and down the hill, what happens to the rate at which the water flows from his hose? Why can't he water the flowers at the top of the hill?

Does this give you any ideas about why small towns use water towers, but big cities rely on other methods of getting water to flow through their pipes?

This applet was written by Lisa Denise Murphy at the University of Illinois. Early drafts were written in 1999. The current version was last revised in January of 2000. Permission is given for students and teachers to use this applet, provided acknowledgement is made of the source. Anyone interested in using this applet in connection with any published paper or commercial venture should please first consult the author. Thank you.

This page last revised January 19, 2000.