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2/22/2007: Redux #12

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Redux #12
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This comic is part of the MiSTEam Redux storyline.
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Redux #12
Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 9:57 PM

Well, this is it folks, the very last Biggest Webcomic Loser comic. At this point basically everyone else had quit.

I planned to put one up at the end of the year showing "The Biggest Webcomic Loser Year-End Celebration" with just me standing there in a room, all alone, wondering where everyone was, but I figured it's probably best not to kick people when they're down, and my own diet didn't turn out so hot anyways, so why bother?

Next week we'll be having Reduxes from a different source, and then we'll FINALLY be getting new MiSTEams the week after that! Wahoo!

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