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More Hijinks

If you look around the MSTE site, you're bound to see the MiSTeam Characters popping up from time to time and engaging in various hijinks; some of them useful, and some of them just silly. Here some examples of places you can find them:


Mutant Powers

24-hour Comic Challenge Results

Matt took the 24-hour Comic Challenge, in which he tried to create 24 strips or 100 panels in just 24 hours. It went from 1:00PM on Wednesday, 12/14/2005 through 1:00PM on Thursday, 12/13/2005. The following is the progress bar that tracked his progress during the challenge. You'll notice that he exceeded the requirements on both counts!
24-Hour Comic Challenge Progress: 101% by Number of Panels (101/100)
24-Hour Comic Challenge Progress: 113% by Number of Strips (27/24)