1. In the Sears Tower Activity, what are the important mathematical concepts that arise?



2. If you were doing this activity with a group of students, would you want to give a grade for this activity? If so, what are the most important considerations in grading this activity?



3. Is correctness of a response more important than a student's rationale for choosing a particular response? Why or why not? How would you measure rationale? Is completion or discussion more important than correctness of the response?



Troubleshooting Tips:

If you are assigning credit for correct responses, how do you handle the fact that if any one response is incorrect, then at least one other response will also be incorrect?

Is there a difference between an incorrect response that is reasonable but just the wrong number versus an incorrect response that makes no sense whatsoever given the context or types of units involved?

Part 1 of the theme poster asks the students to identify a topic of interest, or theme, and to research for numerical facts about that topic. The students are asked to construct 6 sentences that express the numerical information they have found and prepare these for inclusion on their poster.

4. How do you, as a teacher, evaluate this beginning portion of the poster-building? What understandings of number sense do the students need to exhibit? What understandings of sentence construction do the students need to exhibit?



5. This beginning activity seems like such a simple task!—Are you pleased with only basic information? What if I chose the theme of “Star Wars Movies” and one of my 6 sentences is “There have been 4 Star Wars Movies.”? What is your reaction to this? Is your reaction individualized to the student? Why or why not?



6. Examine the required elements of the entire poster project. Having only started this project and module, what type of rubric do you think that you would use to evaluate this project? What concepts, skills, and understandings are necessary for the student to complete this poster? Are there further skills and understandings that would indicate an exceptional project effort?



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