The Sears Tower:

How High Can You Go, How Far Can You See?

(Version 2)


Fill in the following paragraph about the Sears Tower with the appropriate quantities that complete the information. The numbers to be used in the paragraph are located in the list to the left:

Choose from these numbers:

The Sears Tower, opened in __________, took __________ years and $__________ to build. The building has __________ gross square feet of floor space, and a combined weight of __________ tons - that's__________ lb. That´s equivalent to the mass of about __________ average size men, almost all the men who live in Chicago. The average wind speed in the Windy City is __________ mph and the average sway of this massive building is approximately __________ inches from true center.

The Sears Tower is __________ feet high - that´s about __________ Michael Jordans standing on top of each other. On a clear day, you can see __________ states - Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. Visibility from the Skydeck is approximately __________ to __________ miles. Including the twin antenna towers, the Sears Tower is __________ feet high. __________ Radio and Television stations broadcast from the Tower antennas.

The Sears Tower has approximately __________ bronze-tinted windows and __________ roof-mounted robotic window washing machines to clean all __________ windows. Sears Tower elevators are among the fastest in the world, operating as fast as __________ feet per minute - that´s over __________ mph! That´s probably about the speed of the fastest bicycle rider in your class. Compare that to Michael Johnson´s fastest running speed of about __________ feet per minute (__________ mph). That´s a fast elevator!

Approximately __________ tourists visit the Skydeck each year. That is the same number of Kindergarten through 8th grade students in all of Illinois. If there are __________ students per class and __________ classes in your school, that would be __________ classes, or __________ schools, visiting the Skydeck each year.







Go to for lots of information about the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois.



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