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Numeric Base Converter

Convert numbers from one base to another. This base converter supports conversion between bases 2 through 36.


  • For bases greater than 10, A=10, B=11, C=12 etc.
  • If in the fractional section of your number there is an invalid input, the portion after the "." will be ignored entirely.
  • If there is an invalid input in the whole number portion, it will use anything before the invalid input as your number.


  • My age is 35 in base 6. How old am I in base 10?
  • How old am I in binary? (Hint: binary is base 2)


Base to convert from:
Number to convert:
Base to convert to:
Converted result:


  • Original Java Applet by Nick Exner (1/15/2001)
  • JavaScript+HTML5 Rewrite by Grant Young (5/29/2014)

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