The Aerodynamic Forces of Flight Module

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Aeronautics can be particularly exciting to students because it is a very high profile form of engineering and science and because flight is something which all students have wondered about at some time in their lives. It is important to try to reach the students, particularly in occupational settings whereas problem solving require imagination and careful reasoning and help them to see its practical applications.

We hope we will encourage more teachers to introduce aeronautics into the classroom. We include a hands-on module outline with suggested lessons and experiments that involve the use of technology and a variety of Internet resources. This one-week module has been designed to help teachers bring aeronautics education into the high school classroom. The extensions and activities in this module can definitely last for more than a week. It is up to the teachers what activities they want to work on with their students. The explanations and descriptions do not assume any elaborate knowledge of aeronautics, and were designed as an introductory module to factors effecting aircraft performance.

This module is a good opportunity to get students excited about aviation and aeronautics. Most of the activities which have been designed here can be done by a small group (in class or as homework); some are appropriate to a whole class. Some activities can be adapted for other subjects (art, English, history). We encourage you to have students work with various sources of information (books, Internet, videos, etc.). Also you could have students work in small groups to teach the class certain concepts using both words and physical demonstrations or experiments as they provided in this Web page.

The objective of this module is for students to come away with a basic understanding of some basic factors that effect aircraft performance with particular emphasis on Bernoulli's principle, aerodynamics forces and weight and balance of aircrafts.