The Aerodynamics Forces of Flight Module

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How does the force of lift affect aircraft?

Review some of the ideas we discussed in Bernoulli's Principle.

Lift is a partial vacuum created above the surface of an airplane's wing causing the wing to be "lifted" upward. The special shape of the airplane wing (air foil) is designed so that air flowing over it will have to travel a greater distance faster, resulting in a low pressure area thus lifting the wing upward. Lift is that force which opposes gravity.

Discuss in your group the following issues:

  1. What is the role of the five factors which contribute to lift? wing area
    velocity (thrust)
    angle of attack
    air density

  2. What happens to the force of lift if we add weight to a wing?

  3. What happens to the force of lift if we increase thrust?

  4. Why fighter-type military aircrafts have thin wings?

  5. How are fighter-type military aircrafts' speeds during takeoff and landing compared to conventional airplanes? Why?