Box Folding: Using the Box Folding Applet

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So, you've found out which box holds the largest volume when cutting out whole squares. But is it possible to get a larger volume, by cutting away squares that are not whole number lengths on each side? That is, suppose you could cut away 3.5 x 3.5 squares? Would you be able to get an even bigger volume than you have right now?

Kristen Carvell has written an applet that simulates the box folding. Using the applet, you can drag the corner on simulated
piece of grid paper and the applet will fold it for you and give you the measurements for length, height, width, surface area, and

Use the 3-d box folding applet to gather more data and place it in the spreadsheet.

Click and drag on the upper left corner to adjust the squares to be cut out. The complete applet is at Kristen Carvell's 3D Box page

EXTENSION NOTE: There is very nice Geometer's Sketchpad file available from the Intermath Program

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