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TIMeS : Technology-Intensive Mathematics and Science

Technology-Intensive Mathematics and Science (TIMeS) is a collaborative project to improve instruction and student achievement in local high need school districts. The TIMeS project targets schools that have ISAT scores that demonstrate a need for improved student achievement in mathematics and/or science and have teachers with provisional certificates or who are teaching out of their area in math or science. The College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and its Office of Educational Technology (OET) and Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE) in collaboration with instructors from the departments of mathematics and physics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois are partnering with five Illinois school districts to implement a statewide professional development project designed to increase teacher content-area knowledge in math and science through the use of technology and, as a result, improve student achievement in those areas. Middle school has been identified as the area in these districts where most teachers are assigned to teach out of their area or on provisional certificates and, as a result, will be an area of particular focus for TIMeS. Additionally, the TIMeS project will collaborate with teachers in high-need public and private schools in Vermilion, Macom, Clair, Champaign and Iroquois counties.

The TIMeS Project provides standards-based professional development opportunities for teachers, who are teaching out of their trained content area or have provisional certification. These intensive professional development opportunities are designed to support efforts in which educators in "high need" schools engage their students with technology-rich lesson plans that provide an authentic context for concepts taught within mathematics and science. The TIMeS project is comprised of a needs assessment, the establishment of a pool of "teletechs", who will mentor targeted teacher through videoconferencing, and the development of standard-based curriculum for intensive spring and summer institutes for teachers and administrators. In addition, an online community to bolster instruction in high need areas throughout Illinois during and beyond this grant period will be established.

Participating Organizations

Office for Math, Science, & Technology Education (MSTE)
Office of Educational Technology (OET)
Math Department, UIUC
Physics Department, UIUC
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UIUC (LAS)

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