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TEAMS Participants

Name E-mail [?] Login [?] User's Folder [?]
Dennis Bade Send Email dbade Go to Folder
Ken Bernath Send Email kbernath Go to Folder
Nita Bhatt Send Email nbhatt Go to Folder
Marlene Bowen Send Email mbowen Go to Folder
Olivia Brothers Send Email obrothers Go to Folder
Schonell Burroughs Send Email sburroughs Go to Folder
Vanessa Campos Send Email vcampos Go to Folder
Carol Cantwell Send Email ccantwell Go to Folder
Cindy Chrzanowski Send Email cchrzanowski Go to Folder
Angelita Cochran Send Email acochran Go to Folder
Jennifer Corcoran Send Email jcorcoran Go to Folder
Karen Fletcher Send Email kfletcher Go to Folder
Alison Flores Send Email aflores Go to Folder
Charles Fornero Send Email cfornero Go to Folder
Banitia Greenlee --- bgreenlee Go to Folder
Julianna Hicks Send Email jhicks Go to Folder
Teresa Hufnagel Send Email thufnagel Go to Folder
Nancy Johnson Send Email njohnson Go to Folder
Kathy Karagiannis Send Email kkaragiannis Go to Folder
Ann Levin Send Email alevin Go to Folder
Velma McGee Send Email vmcgee Go to Folder
Joel Mendez Send Email jmendez Go to Folder
Fernando Merel Send Email fmerel Go to Folder
John Messenger Send Email jmessenger Go to Folder
Karen Scott Send Email kscott Go to Folder
Susan Smock Send Email ssmock Go to Folder
Gloria Swopes Send Email gswopes Go to Folder
Helen Walker Send Email hwalker Go to Folder
Linda White Send Email lwhite Go to Folder
Seraphine Xavier --- sxavier Go to Folder

TEAMS Admins

Name E-mail [?] Login [?] User's Folder [?]
Tom Anderson Send Email tanderson Public | Private
Steven Brown Send Email sbrown Go to Folder
Nan Buckardt Send Email nbuckardt Go to Folder
Delores Clark Send Email dclark Go to Folder
Jim Dildine Send Email jdildine Go to Folder
Diane Ehrlich Send Email dehrlich Go to Folder
Ed Gonwa Send Email egonwa Go to Folder
Michele Jaroniik Send Email mjaroniik Go to Folder
Kathy Johnson Send Email kjohnson Go to Folder
Chris Kelly Send Email ckelly Go to Folder
Michael McKelvey Send Email mmckelvey Go to Folder
Brenda Pacey Send Email bpacey Go to Folder
Heather Patay Send Email hpatay Go to Folder
Tony Perissini Send Email tperissini Go to Folder
George Reese Send Email greese Go to Folder
Lynne Reynolds Send Email lreynolds Go to Folder
Hilary Schnadt Send Email hschnadt Go to Folder
Jana Sebestik Send Email jsebestik Go to Folder
Cynthia Trombino Send Email ctrombino Go to Folder
Page Wolf Send Email pwolf Go to Folder

Question Mark Explanation

Listed above are all the participants in the TEAMS project, separated out into the list of participants and administrators. This page will be useful to you if you want to do any of the following:

  • Email another participant or admin
    click on the "Send Email" link next to the person's name
    If you want to email everyone, you'll want to send a message to the mailing list. You can find out more about the mailing lists on the Communications Tools page.
  • Login to your public folder to store files
  • View the files that any TEAMS member has uploaded (including your own)

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