Preparation Sheet: Geometry

STATE GOAL 9: Use geometric methods to analyze, categorize and draw conclusions about points, lines, planes and space.

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This page is for collecting information and suggestions for the unit. It includes suggested resroucres to look at, and places for you to suggest resources that you know of.

Check out the following URLs:

Some suggested URLs:

Java Sketchpad Gallery

Box perimeter tool

Jim Dildine and Hans-Georg Weigands' Triangle page

The Cancer and Mathematics Unit by Jim Dildine

Euclid's Elements in Java by David Royce

EINET Galaxy Mathematics page

Can they be used in your unit? As you are browsing please make note of how these pages could be used in the unit you are working on. What other Web resources can you suggest? Enter them in the table below.

Additional Web Resources













Also check out the NCTM Addend Series for Grades 5-8, "Geometry in the Middle Grades". There are some good ideas in there. The book "Figure This" also has ideas.



List your ideas for units and lessons that could fit within units on geometry.