Taste Test

Module designer(s)

  • Amar Patel

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  • Explore how to set up a taste test determine the difference statistic and generate it using different methods
  • Gather data and analyze statistical results and determine their significance
  • Interpret preference results from tables
  • Write brief reports based on the analyses and interpretations


  • Internet access
  • Paper to keep track of results
  • A six sided die
  • E-mail access

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Links to standards

  • NCTM Standards:
    Standard 1: Mathematics as Problem Solving
    Standard 2: Mathematics as Communication
    Standard 3: Mathematics as Reasoning
    Standard 4: Mathematical Connections
    Standard 11: Statistics
  • The National Science Education Standards:
    Content Standards: 9-12
    Standard A: Use technology and mathematics to improve investigations and communications.
    Standard E: Develop abilities and understandings about science and technology.
  • Illinois Learning Standards:
    Mathematics: 8.B.4a, 10.A.5, 10.B.4, 10.B.5
    Science: 11.A.5e, 11.B.5c, 13.B.4e


Suggested time line:
Cola Wars and We have a Winner --1st day
The D-Statistic and Modeling--2nd and 3rd days
Discuss results, Review process and Write a report --4th day
Extensions--5th day