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Articles in Journals and Books

Ackerman, L., & Gose, E. (1972). Breast Lesion Classification by Computer and Xeroradiograph. Cancer, 30(1), 1025-1035.
Discusses the ratio of perimeter^2/area and the cellular structure most likely represented

Bacus, J. W., & Gose, E. E. (1972). Leukocyte Pattern Recognition. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, SMC-2(4), 513-526.
Discusses more about pattern recognition and image analysis

Rademacher, H., & Toeplitz, O. (1990) The Enjoyment of Mathematics. Chapter 22. The Figure of Greatest Area with a Given Perimeter. p 142-146.
Discusses spherical shape of a bubble and 2-D representations of figures. Presents explorations into the area and perimeter of such figures.

Web Resources and References

Very Informative Cancer site:
Vibrant Color Pictures of Cellular bodies:
Making Cells Committ Suicide

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