Temperature Plate Applet


The objective of this applet is to find the temperature at a particular point of a rectangular plate using statistical methods. It is assumed that the temperature of the edges as well as the dimensions of the plate are known. For a more detailed description, please visit https://mste.illinois.edu/malcz/2dplate/PLATE.html.

Applet Instructions

Click mouse on the rectangular plate to select a point. Next, press the "Run 500" button to run 500 trials. Data is collected in a table below the rectangular plate. To change a temperature on the edge of the plate, click on the temperature that you wish to change. Temperatures are measured in celsius and can exist anywhere in the range from 0 to 99. Type in the new temperature and press "Ok." Units are not needed when entering new temperatures since everything is measured in celsius.

Applet Source, Written by Nicholas Exner.

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Last Revised: 8/7/98