Schedule of Events for Lisa's Dissertation Study


On Wednesday, January 26, I will speak to the students in Prof. Dornhoff's Math 120 class and ask them to volunteer for the study. Over the next week and a half, volunteers will take a pre-test, which takes about half an hour. There will be several opportunities to take the pre-test, so everyone who wants to participate will have a chance.

Session I

The first instructional session will be held on the evening of Monday, February 7, in room 425 of the Natural History Building. The Natural History building is east of the Illini Union in Urbana, at the southwest corner of the intersection of Matthews and Green Streets. Room 425 is in the southwest corner of the fourth floor. About half of the volunteers will attend this session.

The other half of the volunteers will attend the Tuesday evening session, in room 10 of the Education Building. The Education building is on Sixth Street, south of Commerce West and east of the Law School. Room 10 is in the basement. This session will cover the same material as the Monday session, so there is no need to go to both.

Session II

The second session will be offered twice, once on Wednesday, February 9, and once on Thursday, February 10. At both of these times, I will provide pizza and pop for all of the subjects who attend. I don't have rooms arranged for those sessions yet, so stay tuned.


The second session is the end of the study for most students. A few participants may later be asked for interviews. They will be free to agree to be interviewed or to decline. Participants who are interviewed will be paid for their time. (I don't know exactly how much yet.)


After the interviews are completed, any participant who wants information about his or her test scores or other results may get it by emailing me. Participants may also have a copy of the paper that I write about this study, but they may have to wait a while for that. I have to write it first.

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