About the TI Robot App

The TI Robot App is a user interface program which makes using the Texas Instruments Calculator Controlled Robot even easier. It provides a simplified interface for entering and executing a list of commands on the robot. It also provides a way to calibrate your robot to correct for little deviations in the robots motors so your robot doesn't get off course.

The TI Robot App is designed to work on TI-83 and TI-84 calculators

This application was developed by Peter and Jeremy Jang while they were graduate students at the University of Illinois. Peter was a graduate student in the secondary mathematics education program and is currently teaching at Rudy Lozano Leadership Acedemy in Chicago.

Download the TI Robot App

Installation and setup

After you install the TI-Connect Software click on the "Content Tools" button and drag-and-drop the "tirobot.8xk" file onto the application. Make sure you device is connected and powered on.

Calibration can be a bit finicky. Small changes in a deviating calculator may show little effect but when you're close to the "balancing" point even the smallest of changes will cause significant fluctuations. Experience shows that the backwards calibration setting is usually the opposite of the forwards calibration setting.


Instructions on how to drive your robot: DOC | PDF

Worksheet for students with driving challenges: DOC | PDF

Worksheet for developing linear functions using the robot: PDF

Protractor worksheet for measuring degrees turned: PDF

Using Linear Functions to Navigate a Robot Maze: A Lesson by Jeff Collons and Jackie Lewis


For more information about the secondary mathematics program at the University of Illinois contact Adam Poetzel


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  • June 2, 2009
    Posted the first version of the TI Robot App
  • June 3, 2009
    Added some new activity worksheets and links