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Title Brief Description Category Date
Move the pieces of a puzzle around to form an egg. Problem Solving 3/20/1999
Arrange the toothpicks to form five squares. Problem Solving 9/11/2000
Explore acid-base titration in this chemistry lab experiment. Problem Solving 11/3/2001
Explore geometry first-hand using toothpicks. Problem Solving 11/15/2002
Try to get the same sum along rows, columns, and diagonals of a matrix of numbers. Problem Solving 1/22/2004


Title Brief Description Category Date
Learn about magic squares and their origin. Problem Solving
This lesson/unit allows an exploration into the ratio that designates a cancerous cell. Problem Solving
Problem Solving
This lesson provides numerous mathematics explorations in terms of missing calcualtor keys. Problem Solving
This is a spreadsheet that models the vertical motion of two water balloons being dropped Problem Solving
Control an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope to image insects at high magnification. Problem Solving
A lesson to accompany the "Folding a Rectangular Prism" applet Problem Solving

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