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Title Brief Description Category Date
A Java-based, online version of the Elements Geometry 4/7/1996
Dazzle your students with this so-cool animated introductory exercise Geometry 10/22/1996
This lesson/unit allows an exploration into the ratio that designates a cancerous cell. Geometry, Geometry 12/22/1998
View Autocad files made by TCD students. Geometry 12/7/1999
Explore triangles using Java Sketchpad Geometry 1/17/2000
Play with the perimeter of boxes. Geometry 3/27/2000
Approximate the area of a circle using a grid. Geometry 4/1/2000
Fill a rectangular box with cubes. Geometry 4/20/2000
Approximate the surface area for the Earth if its radius changed. Geometry 8/20/2000
Illustrates the effect of a given matrix on the unit circle. Geometry 3/5/2001
Fold this piece of paper into a three dimensional box. Geometry 8/3/2001
Produce up to 500 non-trivial Pythagorean Triples. Geometry 10/22/2001
Learn about the relationship between a polygon's inner angle and its number of sides. Geometry 11/29/2001
Learn about inscribing a regular polygon in a circle. Geometry 2/26/2002
Explore the Pythagorean Theorem through regular polygons and circles on the sides of a right triangle. Geometry 9/18/2003
Create shapes with a virtual Geoboard. Geometry 9/21/2003
Graph a wide range of functions in 3 dimensions. (requires Java3D download) Geometry 6/17/2004
Fold this piece of paper into a three dimensional pyramid. Geometry 7/29/2004
Graph points in the plane Geometry 11/1/2005
A collection of Java Sketches created in Geometer's Sketchpad and saved as Java Applets Geometry 2/26/2007
Applet that demonstrates foldings a piece of paper into a cylinder. Geometry 4/3/2009
Draw a polygon and then count the sum of its angles. Geometry 6/4/2014
Shoot random points at a circle to approximate the value of Pi. Geometry 6/16/2014
Find Sin, Cos, Tan, Cosec, Sec, and Cotan for any angle on the unit circle. Geometry 6/18/2014


Title Brief Description Category Date
Illustrates the intuitive notion of the tangent plane to a graph of a function of two variables. Geometry
Supplementary material to help students with their first encounter with vectors. Geometry
Enjoyable activities involving geometric transformations and image distortion. Geometry
Learn all about fractals. Geometry
Find the temperature at a particularpoint of a rectangular plate using statistical methods. Geometry
A Fractals Lesson for Elementary and Middle School Students Geometry
Unit designed to teach surface area and volume Geometry
A lesson that uses many options for studying tesselations Geometry
This activity includes an Excel file and a Java fileto experiment with interactive triangles. Geometry
This page offers a Java Program to Generate Pythagorean Triples. Geometry
This lesson deals with proportions, right triangles and the geometric mean Geometry
An Introductory Project in Trigonometry using The Geometer's Sketchpad Geometry
Geometrically show the differences between 2 squares. a*a -b*b=(a-b)(a-b)*(a+b)(a+b) Geometry
This tool seems very effective for teaching Geometry at remotely located students. Geometry
Roll dice and see the relationship between sides of a triangle. Geometry
A lesson to accompany the "Folding a Rectangular Prism" applet Geometry

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