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Fall 2007 Bloom Trail High School Student Survey

Bloom District 206

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Attitudes toward school/after school programs

The students at Bloom Trail were asked to complete a survey about their attitudes toward school and the after school program

A total of 73 students took the Fall survey. Data were complete for 59 of them.

Gender Year in SchoolTotal
MaleStudent RaceHispanic/Latino00303
FemaleStudent RaceHispanic/Latino00101

The majority of the students responding were female, and juniors, as shown in the chart below.

Students were asked to respond "yes" or "no" to each of the following:

  • I look forward to tutoring/after school program.
  • My parents talk to me about the after school program.
  • I feel safe and comfortable during the after school program.
  • The after school program helps me do better in school.
  • The after school staff encourages me to do well in school.

The chart below shows the proportion of the students responding ‘yes’ to each.

As the display shows: over 90% of the students report feeling safe and comfortable at the program; about the same proportion state that the tutoring staff encourages them to do well in school. Nearly 80% look forward to the program, feel that the program has helped them in school and almost 2/3 state that their parents talk to them about the program.


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