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Spring 2008 Bethel Community Student Survey

Bloom District 206

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Bethel Student Spring 2008 survey

The students were asked to complete a survey about their attitudes toward school and the after school program. The chart below summarizes responses for both Fall and Spring.

As the table below shows, 37 students attended in Fall and 40 attended in Spring.In terms of reported race, one student was white, attending both fall and spring. The remaining students were black.

Fall 2007 OnlyFall and SpringSpring 2008 Only
Student RaceWhite0101

The table below shows the distribution of students by gender, year in school and semester. Male freshmen were somewhat in the majority.

Semester Year in School Total
Fresh Soph Jun Senior
Fall 2007 only Gender Female 1 1
Total 1 1
Fall and Spring Gender Male 11 6 4 0 21
Female 7 1 5 2 15
Total18 7 9 2 36

    Students were asked to respond "yes" or "no" to each of the following:
  • I look forward to tutoring/after school program.
  • My parents talk to me about the after school program.
  • I feel safe and comfortable during the after school program.
  • The after school program helps me do better in school.
  • The after school staff encourages me to do well in school.

As the chart below shows, there has been somewhat of an improvement in student attitudes from fall to spring on \'Feel safe and comfortable\' in the program and \'Tutoring staff encourages me\'. A dramatic decrease is reported on \'parents talk to me about the program\'.


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