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Summer 2008 Bloom Trail High School REFs Student Survey

Bloom District 206

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Bloom Trail Student REFs Summer 08 Sept 10

REFs is a summer program that is designed to help preparing incoming freshmen to be successful in English/Reading and mathematics.

Students in Summer 2008 REFs were surveyed about their opinions of the program.

The table below summarizes the students by their race/ethnicity and gender. Data was complete for 54 of the students.

RaceBlack/Afr Amer222345
Amer. Indian/Alaskan Native011

The students were asked these questions:

Did you look forward to going to Summer REFs?
Did your parents talk to you about Summer REFs?
Would you recommend Summer REFs to a friend?
Do you think REFS will help you do better in school?

Do you look forward to Summer REFs? Yes No

As the table and chart show, somewhat of a majority of the males report looking forward to REFS.

Looking forward to going to REFs?No181331

Do your parents talk to you about REFs?

The table and chart below indicate that the majority of students (more boys than girls) report their parents talking to them about REFS.

Parents talk to you about REFs?No121325

Would you recommend REFS to a friend?

A majority of the students reply that they would recommend REFS to a friend. See table and chart below.

Recommend REFs to a friend?No11617

Do you think that REFS will help you do better in school?

As the table and chart below show, the vast majority (45 out of 48) of students were in agreement that REFS will help them do better in school. (See also below a summary of reasons given for both positive and negative responses.)

REFs will help do better in school?No538

The following table summarizes some reasons that Bloom HS students gave for "How REFs will help me in school". The most commonly cited reason is "Gave head start". A typical negative response was "not much new taught".

Why REFS will help me Why REFS will not help me
Gets us ready for school (mentioned 6 times) It didnt really teach me anything new. (mentioned 3 times)
Because gives me chance to improve my reading + math skills and I can use what Ive learned in Refs to real school. (5 times) I dont think it will help me in school as much because we didnt learn about anything that would help us freshman year.
With the credits and the testing and the learning skills (3 times) Refs will not help me during the next year because the only thing that I have learned new was the steps of reading.
I think it will help me in school because I got the 1/2 credit and because of all the things I have learned The things we learned was the same thing I learned I 8th grade
Because it.s education and will improve my school work
It would help me with the basic skills that I dont know. we are learning stuff that we have already learned except the moon stuff
Some of the teachers gave helpful advice to keep you out of trouble. Because I think I can do good by myself in school.
The reason I think REFS helped me is because it helped improve on some math and made me enjoy reading.
I think it will help me because I would probably forget all the stuff I learned in 8th grade.
They work with you and try to find out what you need help in to improve your skill and youll be ready for school.
Because it will help provide the help you need in school.
REFS shows the art of learning how to read better
I think REFS will help because I would know what to expect, I would know what the work is about.


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