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Fall 2008 Bloom High School Parent Survey

Bloom District 206

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Opinions on the After School Tutoring/Homework Help Program Responses were received for 12 students, as noted in the table below. Parents were first asked how many of their children took part in the after school program. The results are below, with most parents having one child attending, but one reporting that 3 children were in the program.
N ChildrenFrequency
There were 6 males and 4 females for which data were complete. Year in school was somewhat evenly distributed for years 9 through 12.

Year in School
Gender 9 10 11 12Total
Male 1 21 2 6
Female 2 01 1 4
Total 3 2 23 10

The parents were asked:
  1. As a result of the after school program, does s/he look forward to school?
  2. As the table and graph below show:

    • 7 parents responded "yes" to the question including two for seniors

    The data show that the parents are generally positive about the program.

    Year in school
    9 1011 12 Total
    As result of program, child looks forward to school No 0 00 1 1
    Undecided 0 10 0 1
    Yes 2 1 2 2 7
    Total 2 2 2 3 9

  3. Do you and your child talk about the after school program?
  4. As the table and graph below show:

    • 6 out of 8 parents responded "yes"

    Year in school
    9 1011 12 Total
    My child and I talk about program No 0 01 1 2
    Yes 2 1 1 2 6
    Total 2 1 2 3 8

    The parents report, generally, that they and their child talk about the program.

    The parents were also asked to state in what subject their children, as a result of the program, were doing better.

    As the chart shows, the subject most mentioned was mathematics.

    Finally, the parents were asked to comment on various aspects of the program.

    The program has helped her/him in the following ways The program could be improved in the following ways
    Basically he trying in his math, and practice how to read and spell
    He better in mathTeachers being more easy with the rules
    To get caught up on health and work on projects
    She is able to feel more confident in her field of interest/reasoning
    Improved concentrationMore teachers there to help tutor
    Keep grades up
    How approve on test and quizzes and prepare for college
    To do better in math
    Give her a better outlook on what studying means to the pursuit of educationN/A
    This program has helped her bring her grades up.
    Understands betterNone I can think of


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