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Fall 2009 F.U.T.U.R.E. Student Survey

Bloom District 206

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FUTURE Fall 2009 student survey

Attitudes toward after school programs

The students at the FUTURE Foundation were asked to complete a survey about their attitudes toward the after school program

A total of 44 students took the Fall survey. All students reported themselves as being African/American.

Year in School Total
Freshman Sophmore Junior Senior
Gender Male 6 10 7 3 26
Female 2 11 2 3 18
Total 8 21 9 6 44

The majority of students are sophomores. Furthermore, the majority of students are male.

Students were asked to respond "yes" or "no" to each of the following:

  • I look forward to tutoring/after school program.
  • The after school program helps me do better in school.
  • The after school staff is usually available for help as needed.
  • The chart below shows the proportion of the students responding 'yes' to each.

    As the chart shows: About of the students report that as a result of the program they look forward to going to school. Almost all (95%) think that the program helps them do better in school and all report that there is someone at the program who is available to help as needed.

    Finally, the students were asked what they like MOST about the program, and one way in which the program could be improved. Provided below are sample responses.

    In summary, what they liked most was the ways in which the program helps them in school. In terms of improving the program, some students would like more time and tutoring help available.

    What do you like MOST about tutoring/homework help? What is one way in which after school homework help/tutoring could be improved?

    It's fun

    Staying longer

    Don't have to take homework home (mentioned 2 times)

    Make it electronic

    Doing work/playing ball

    Well by making games out of the help we need so we could learn and have fun at the same time

    I like getting help on things I don't know how to do

    Be more fun

    The extra attention

    it could be easier to understand

    It helps me do better

    Go more often (2 times)

    One on one help

    It helps me learn more

    Getting help with work I can't really do (mentioned 3 times)

    Well when someone is really struggling with something when they get it they get a reward (candy)

    How to learn how to do the work better

    Better snacks

    You can get another point of view besides the one from your teacher

    Help improved your grades

    Getting more work done


    How the teacher takes their time and helps you





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