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Fall 2009 Bethel Community Adult Survey

Bloom District 206

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The after school program provides activites for adults as well as for school students

Adults attending the activites at Bethel Community Center completed a survey providing feedback on what was provided.

Nine persons completed the survey in Fall 2009

The table below shows the number of the adults\' children that were attending an after school program

0 5
2 1
3 4
Total 9

As the table shows, 5 out of 9 of the parents had no child attending

All adults attended a Christmas/Holiday party

The adults were asked whether:

  • They enjoyed taking part in the activity
  • They found the activity to be useful/helpful
  • They planned to attend another such activity

The chart below shows that all of the adults responded YES to each question. It is therefore concluded that the adults were positive about the activity

The adults were also asked for comments about the activity provided. Their responses are summarized below. In general the adults enjoyed the activity and had few suggestions as to how it could be improved


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What did you like MOST about this activity What about this activity would you liek to see changed/improved
The entire party was good Music-More! (mentioned 3 times)
Seeing the porgram in action
Food (mentioned 3 times)
Everything was ok