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Fall 2009 Bloom Trail High School Teacher Survey

Bloom District 206

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Bloom Trail High School teachers/volunteers completed a survey of students in the after school program.

The teacher/volunteer was asked, of each student named,


During Fall 2009, has this student..

Had a positive attitude toward school/after school program?
Improved in coming to after school program ready/prepared to learn?
Improved in being attentive?
Improved in getting along well with other students?

Each student is assigned a score of 1 for yes, and 0 for no, for each of the above four aspects of attitude.

A total of 76 students were reported upon by teachers/volunteers. The chart below shows the percent of Yes scores.

As the above display shows, teachers report that almost all of the students have a positive attitude toward school and/or the program. About 90% of the students improved in coming to the program prepared to learn and nearly 80% of them improved in getting along well with others.

Positive Disposition

A positive disposition for each student was obtained by assigning a '1' to each yes provided by the teacher/volunteer. Therefore, a positive disposition score of 4 indicates that a student received a yes rating on all four categories.

The chart below summarizes the positive disposition scores for the students in Fall 2009.

As the above chart shows, the vast majority of students were assigned a full positive disposition score of 4 (that is, "yes" for each category).

Teacher/volunteers were also asked to report the subject on which each student spent most time during the after school program.

The chart below shows that about ½ of the students were reported to spend most of their time on mathematics.


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